Manage Job (or Job Offer) Loss

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, I have had conversations with many people stressed out about their work life (or lack thereof). This week alone, I heard from a couple people that I used to career coach. One person was laid off, and another individual’s job offer was canceled; they both lost these employment opportunities dueContinue reading “Manage Job (or Job Offer) Loss”

Life’s Work: Providing Access to Opportunity

A few days ago, I had the idea of conducting a Q&A with people in my professional and personal circles to ask them about their life’s work. As a career coach, I talk about this topic with individuals across diverse industries. Based on this idea of the Life’s Work series, I created ten questions andContinue reading “Life’s Work: Providing Access to Opportunity”

Find New Paths to Explore

When someone asks me what I like to do in my leisure time, I typically am quick to say travel. I have family and friends who live around the world. Whenever it has been feasible, I have made it a priority to visit them. Plus as someone with a bachelor’s degree in international studies, IContinue reading “Find New Paths to Explore”