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Here are testimonials from people who have worked with me. They either received career services from me, or they partnered with me in incorporating professional development workshops and resources into programs that they lead.

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She has helped me in finding my next steps, whether that was looking for an internship or planning for a new position. She encouraged me to look inwards and self-assess my experiences not only to recognize the skills I was building, but also to discover my true identity. Lindsay has helped me find confidence that I can apply my skills and pursue my passions at the same time. There might be moments when I prioritize one over the other but ultimately, I can combine them both. She has truly stood by my side these past years and pushed me to grow. We even chatted while I was working abroad in Moscow … What I value the most about Lindsay is how thoughtful, open-minded, and most importantly open-hearted she is. She has taught me to welcome self-reflection as a daily practice and reminded me that no career/life path is linear.

Mariela D.

I want to sincerely thank you for being there for me when I needed it most … I was so lost. I wasn’t sure what to do and I didn’t know where to go, but you really helped me map out my life goals and you guided me toward a solid path. I would confidently say you were one of the most important mentors during my most fragile years and I don’t think I would be where I am career-wise if I had not met you. You believed in me and you made me believe in myself. I would definitely recommend Lindsay as a career coach. She was the reason I stopped fearing the job search and started getting excited to show recruiters what I had to offer.

Linda L.

I have been getting career counseling from Lindsay Laguna for about two years now and I cannot recommend her highly enough! In addition to being kind, and thoughtful, she is amazing at helping me approach the job process in innovative ways, and at asking me the right questions that help me dig deep into what I’m actually looking for in my career. Her breadth of knowledge has helped to think about ways to best use my skills in my career time and time again. You can tell that her work is truly people-centered. So grateful for her!

Sarah N.

Before I met with Lindsay, I’d never given much thought to my future. I didn’t really understand what my strengths and weaknesses were and I couldn’t understand how to see the value in all of my experiences. Meeting with Lindsay gave me more confidence in myself and in my future. Every time we met, it felt like Lindsay had really internalized what I’d talked to her about before. I want to thank Lindsay for all of the support she’s given me.

Lincy S.

I highly recommend Lindsay to anyone looking for guidance and coaching on their professional journeys. Lindsay really took the time to understand me personally in the context of my professional background. Together we explored the arc of my career and identified who I am at my core, the aspects of my job that I find most fulfilling, and my unique working style. We also addressed challenges I’ve encountered along the way—from promotion and advancement to networking—and worked together to establish short- and long-term goals. Perhaps most illuminating was our discussion around some of the subconscious fears that I didn’t even realize were driving my thought patterns and behaviors. In each conversation, I’ve found Lindsay to be an invaluable thought partner who finds connections and relationships across issues, helps diagnose underlying drivers, and comes up with actionable steps to overcome key challenges. I will continue to rely on Lindsay’s counsel as I navigate my professional journey.

Amit G.

Lindsay has given me invaluable help and advice … From our first meeting, she was patient and accommodating, creating an atmosphere of trust and appreciation. While I was dismissive of my interests in the arts … she encouraged me to more closely examine what classes and extracurricular activities I enjoyed and why they were important to me. Lindsay showed me that there is no necessary incompatibility between what I want to do and what I love to do while remaining both pragmatic and encouraging. Lindsay’s career services come with my highest recommendation!

Alicia O.

As a workshop facilitator, Lindsay excels at creating a welcoming and positive atmosphere … Her creative ideas consistently helped to form the engaging activities and thoughtful discussion prompts utilized during our workshops. Throughout our partnership, I was able to observe Lindsay’s holistic and personalized style of career coachingLindsay’s ability to engage in thoughtful discussion and encourage internal reflection perfectly demonstrates her holistic, intentional, personalized and very effective style of coaching. I hold Lindsay in high esteem and have great confidence in her continued success as a mentor and career coach.

Kristiana G.

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