After years of coaching people through strategies to achieve their career and educational goals, I recognize that many individuals are unsure when, how, or why to reach out to a career coach. While I do teach people how to strengthen their resumes and cover letters, I want you to know there is more that I can do with you.

You might want to assess your career development, search for a job, maximize growth opportunities at your current job, return to school, or do something else completely different for your career development. Regardless of your situation, I am here to meet you where you are and coach you through next steps as you pivot to your next chapter.

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Assess Your Career Development

Intentional career development requires self-assessment. Together we will assess your needs, identities, values, interests, personality, skills, ideal position(s), and most valuable people in your support network.

Search for a Job

Do you want a new job? I will coach you through the process to research careers, write your resumes and cover letters, brand yourself on social media, network and conduct informational interviews, interview for jobs, negotiate your salary and benefits, and decide which position to accept.

Maximize Growth Opportunities on the Job

Do you want to grow in your current job? We will discuss how you can engage in professional and leadership development; prepare for performance reviews; create healthy work environments; and build diverse, equitable, and inclusive networks.

Return to School

Do you want to return to school? We will create a strategy to research schools; organize your admissions applications; write your CVs, statements of purpose, and other essays; network and build faculty contacts; apply for funding; interview with schools; and select which admissions offer to accept.

“Lindsay’s ability to engage in thoughtful discussion and encourage internal reflection perfectly demonstrates her holistic, intentional, personalized and very effective style of coaching. I hold Lindsay in high esteem and have great confidence in her continued success as a mentor and career coach.”

Kristiana G.

Reach high and achieve your goals.

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