Career and Leadership Development in Challenging Times

Photo is of a pond with land and clouds in the background.
Photo by Lindsay Laguna

Given the pandemic and state of reckoning with racism around the world, now is likely a time in which you are redefining what career and leadership development mean to you. 

You may have been laid off, furloughed, or redeployed by your employer. 

Your employer may have instituted a hiring freeze, pay freeze, or it may have scaled back on its benefits package. 

Even if you know many people who are experiencing something similar, these still can be challenging times.

For those who are going through this rough chapter—or rough book—or rough book series—in life, I encourage you to take the following steps.

Earn All A’s in Career and Leadership Development

  1. Assessment: Assess your talents, strengths, identities, values, interests, personality, and skills.
  2. Awareness: Become more aware of how you interact and intersect with different aspects of the world. 
  3. Authenticity: Explore opportunities that authentically align with your interests and other aspects of yourself.   
  4. Adaptability: The world will change, and you will change. Leverage your talents to adapt to transitions.
  5. Action: Take an immediate action step that makes sense for you. Consider where you can find the following:
    • Where can you seek support
    • Where can you build community?
    • Where can others and you partner to support one another in a meaningful collective action?  
  6. Articulation: Articulate and make meaning of your experiences. This will enable you to market yourself for whatever opportunity you pursue next.

Maybe you read this post and already have a strong sense of what to do next. Maybe you are unsure how to proceed. Know that you always can work with me to figure out next steps.

Regardless of what you are thinking or feeling, remember that you always can take time to rest before you take any one of the steps that I recommended.

I wish you well with whatever decisions you make. What do you think you will do next for your career and leadership development?

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